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VIDE GRENIER TINCHEBRAYIf you are the sort of person (like me) who loves rifling through junk shops & charity shops, or visiting your local car boot sale then Normandy has something you will really enjoy!

Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the spring and summer, towns and villages all over Normandy hold “vide greniers” (literal translation means – “empty your loft”) and “marches des puces” (flea markets).


Sometimes the event will be in a field close to the village, or it will be in the village or town itself – the streets lined with people sitting at tables outside their houses filled with things they want to sell.


Other times it will be on a beach or in a Town Hall……people will wander amiably through the stalls, enjoying the spring or summer sunshine and also the wafting aroma of fresh food being cooked over charcoal grills….usually an artisanal sausage maker will be selling sandwich de saucisson or legs of lamb will be roasting on a spit….



But it’s not time for lunch yet…you need to go bargain hunting!



Whether you are looking for a little souvenir of your holiday, something intrinsically French, beautiful and vintage or perhaps a totally unique special birthday or Christmas gift you will find something that has your name on it…(probably for a song) at one of these vide greniers.

VIDE GRENIER AIRELVIDE GREN ST POISvide gren vireVIDE GREN ST POIStorigni vide grenvide greni tinchebray

My favourite things are enamelware and vintage kitchenware…but I never know what will catch my eye…perhaps a beautiful old basket, some vintage magazines, some 30’s glassware, or a fabulous old tin full of Bakelite buttons!

vide grenier tilly

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Sometimes it is quite poignant, to look through an old album of sepia photos of people long gone but the lovely thing is that you are recycling and re-using what were once well loved objects and giving them a new home. The pleasure of heading off in the car on a Sunday morning, with a flask of coffee, a stash of euros and an empty shopping bag is so exciting…you never know what you will find.

vide grenier tinchebray

I have acquired many beautiful items over the years. Some of them are for sale at Les Rouges Terres in my little barn shop “Vintage TRuffels” and some I just can’t bear to part with. With autumn approaching the final vide greniers are taking place….then I will have to wait till the spring and the excitement of searching for new treasures.

vide grenier airelTORIGNI VIDE GRENIER

During your visit I can let you know which vide greniers are on in which villages and point you in the right direction! I’ll even lend you a coffee flask……..bonne chasse! (good hunting!)


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  1. Sandy says:

    Oh my, I was simply drooling over all the lovely vintage nicknacks. I look forward to a visit.

  2. Janet Flaherty says:

    I love France, but unfortunately it has been many years since I visited. I would love to stay for a little break at the site but I don’t drive. Would this be a problem? I love the beautiful things you find and can think of nothing better than to spend a spring weekend wandering through the Vide Grenier’s! Thankyou.

    • Catrina says:

      Oh my goodness Jan. I only just saw your message as I hadn’t updated the blog lately. Apologies! Yes of course no problem if you don’t have a car, I can collect you from airport at Caen or ferry at Caen or Cherbourg and take you to the vide greniers. Let me know if and when you want to come for a visit . Best wishes. Catrina :0)

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