Our First Blog Post – Hunting Season is upon us!

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Dixie on guard duty

October has arrived and the hunting season is upon us.

Fortunately for dog lovers this only lasts for a couple of months as our dogs feel the need to stand on guard whilst the hunters are in the vicinity…

…and standing guard is very tiring!

It seems to be an unwritten law in France that hunting is a basic human right and that hunters can go anywhere thev want in the countryside. In fact, there are quite a number of laws regulating hunting, especially bringing dogs onto other people’s property or shooting too close to places of residence.

We have lost a number of chickens in the past thanks to over enthusiastic hunting dogs and I had a rather heated discussion with a hunter last year who came too close to the house. His response to my remonstrations was ‘Monsieur, this is not England!

I can’t repeat what I said to him!

But hunting season also means that soon it will be apple picking time. We have our own apple press and last year enjoyed a bountiful crop, which we turned into apple juice and cider.

The Apple PressHomemade Apple Juice

There is nothing like drinking fresh apple juice straight from the press. But this year there are not so many apples on the trees – I think they are worn out from producing last year’s bumper crop!

Apple harvest time



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