Places to Visit and Things to Do

Les Rouges Terres is situated in Lower Normandy near the market towns of  Torigni sur Vire. Within less than an hour’s drive you can be in Mont St Michel in Brittany, viewing the fabulous Bayeux Tapestry or walking the Normandy Landing Beaches a real journey through history.


Other Normandy attractions are Claude Monets’ gardens at Giverny, the Old City in Caen and the picturesque coastal towns of Deauville and Honfleur.  Rennes is also a beautiful town to visit with shops, cafes and a buzzy atmosphere due to the universities and lycees.  It is a 90 minute drive away.


You can find a bargain at a Vide Grenier (literally ’empty loft’) which are more akin to the English car boot sale – these are held in various town and villages throughout the summer. See Catrina’s post on her Vide Grenier treasures.

Normandy is famous for its dairy produce and apples. In almost every town there is a weekly open air market selling local produce including fresh goat’s and sheep’s cheese, local honey, cider and calvados, which is a type of  apple brandy produced only in Normandy and bread cooked over night in ancient wood ovens.